Nailchella Nail Academy has been a part of the Jacobs & West End community located in the hearts of the Parkhill Neighborhood now for ONE year. We are excited to celebrate our anniversary of Nailchella Nail Academy that was 100% self-funded by school owner, Kentraya Johnson. 

In this time, we’ve graduated close to 100 students who have gone on to become licensed professional Nail Technicians, that work with other professional Nail Technicians, and some who have opened their own salon. 

It is important that we continue to support future students on their educational journeys, and to ensure we make that happen we need community and sponsorship support. Your support will help fund future student’s tuition, computers, and supplies. 

Can Nailchella count on you to help continue its success as the FIRST Nail Technology school and FIRST Black owned Nail Technology school in Louisville, KY? Any sponsorships of any amount can make a huge difference in our success and how we help our community. 

This year at Nailchella, we have developed new and engaging curriculum to challenge our students to ensure they are prepared not only for the world of Nail Technology, but as young women entering their career and becoming their own boss and running their own successful businesses. We are working hard to make sure that our students are receiving the highest­quality learning experiences in an unforgettable environment. We have several new programs for the students, packed in with more community service to help give back to the very neighborhood that helped see that we succeed. 

The tuition cost for our program is $5,500, with additional fees for our student’s top notch Nail Kit Starter equipped with top-of-the-line products in the Nail Technology world, and books that ensure our students know the anatomy of the nail before ever configuring a design. 

We are one of the most cost-efficient Nail Technology schools in this region, but as you can imagine, 90% of our students are funding their own education while working full-time jobs. Your sponsorship will make a significant difference in our students’ education. 

We look so forward to your sponsorship and are extremely grateful for people like you that continue to help make our community stronger. 

With warm regards, 

Kentraya Johnson

Owner of Nailchella Nail Academy 1385 Dixie HWY. Louisville, KY 40210 nailchellanailacademy@yahoo.com


www.nailsbykeke.com (Donation Link Available)

Donations are made here.



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