1. Does the school participate in Financial Aid, Scholarships, and or Grants?

a. There is NO Federal Financial Aid available for the Nail Technology Program. We do not participate in the Department of Education's student aid programs. Payment for school will be out of pocket.

2. Is the school accredited? Accreditation is if schools that accept financial Aid.

a. We will be recognized by the Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology.

3. Can tuition be paid in full?

a. Yes!

4. Is the registration fee refundable?

a. The registration fee is non-refundable.

5. How does the payment plan work?

a. We require a down payment of $1,035.00 non refundable the day of registration! Covers books and kit!! customizable payment plans available for outstanding balance.

b. Your deposit may increase depending on your registration date. Late registration will require a higher deposit.

c. Books and Kit must be paid in full before the start date.

d. The registration period gives you time to set up the payment arrangement before class starts.

e. Any missed payments will result in termination

f. If the class is cancelled by the school a full refund of tuition will be issued

g. Registration fee and student supplies are non refundable

h. Payment plans require a Promissory Note, A promissory note is necessary because it is a secured written agreement between the borrower (the student) and the school (Nailchella Nail Academy), stating that you will make your monthly payments. If the Borrower is in default more than 3 business days with any payment, this note is payable upon demand of any note holder, and access to classes may be denied. A notary will be present registration day! Notary fee $10

6. How many hours are there to complete the program? 

a. Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology requires 450 clock hours to be completed for the Nail Technology program.

7. Is the class every day?

a. Yes, the class is Tuesday through Friday. We have day classes from 9am - 4pm. 

8. If have vacation time planned during class days, will that affect my attendance?

a. Yes, missing 5 consecutive days will result in termination.



9. What is needed on the first day of school?

a. Binder Notebook, Pens, Highlighters, and 3x5 index card and loose-leaf paper.

b. Please bring your ID and SSC with you to ORIENTAION to ensure we have the correct student.

10. Is there a dress code?

a.yes. Pink scrubs must be worn, and nailchella t-shirts are available for purchase and may be worn specific days only.

11. Is it mandatory to purchase the school supplies through the school or can I bring my own kit?

a. Yes, the school supplies are mandatory; You may not bring your own supplies; Our kit is designed for course work and the certification exam. Certain products cannot be used in a school setting or at the exam office. You must purchase the school supplies from our school.

b. The school supplies are $900.00 this includes all supplies, book and workbook.

12. I am relocating from another state, what do I need to do in order to transfer my current license over to the state of Kentucky?

  1. Check with the Department of labor, licensing, and regulation to inquire about reciprocity.
  2. 13. What are the steps to register?

a. Click on the registration link to complete a registration application b. Upload your high school diploma, GED and or official transcripts

c. Upload your government issued ID and last four digits of your social security number and your 500- word essay if applying for scholarship 

d. Submit your non-refundable application fee of $75

e. Once you are approved, you will receive an acceptance letter via email that you provided.

f. Make the necessary full tuition payment or deposit. g. Attend the mandatory orientation.



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